Part of the goal of this blog is to not only share the journey of Muse Unexpected going through the publishing process, but to also share what led up to this journey, secrets on the next book in the Muse series and to provide any insights that might help up-and-coming authors work their way through the “getting published” process. (Keeping in mind I’m very much a fledgling myself, so we can learn together.)

One funny story I wanted to share deals with the suggestions I’ve received from various people, both drunk and sober, once they found out I was writing a book. One in particular I hope you’ll find funny.

I was sitting with an individual, who will remain nameless because they know who they are, when the topic of my writing a book came up. The person began, unasked, to brainstorm on ideas of what I should include in my novel.

The more the person went through ideas, the stronger they felt I HAD to include their idea in my book. Their idea was the following:

And I quote:

Friend: You have to have a priest in it.

VC: Well, there is a scene in the book that takes place at a funeral.

Friend: But this has to be a special priest. He has an eye patch.

VC: Why does the priest have an eye patch?

Friend: (Ignoring my question) And his hobby is ventriloquism.

VC: (Right about now I began to feel I’ve invested too much falling down this rabbit hole and have to find out the full back story of the priest who loves ventriloquism.) Does he have any hobbies?

Friend: Well… wait…I’ve got it… How about (he starts to laugh) How about he also likes to sell cheese trays at funerals.

VC: Cheese Trays…?

Friend: Yep. Big, over the top cheese trays.

VC: But getting back to my one question…why does the priest have an eye patch?

Friend: Because of the Havarti cheese.

VC: The Havarti cheese? What does the Havarti cheese got to do with the reason why the priest wears an eye patch.

Friend: Well, his ventriloquist dummy doesn’t like Havarti cheese, and they got in a fight and the dummy won.

VC: So the cheese trays don’t have Havarti cheese?

Friend: Right! Isn’t it brilliant?

VC: I think I’ll pass on this one.

Friend: How about it isn’t a dummy, but a parrot.

VC: Let me get you another beer.

Feel free to share any of your suggestion stories. Would love to hear them. LOL!

– V.C.